About Persephone Clover

A place for thoughts too long for micro blogging.

I’ve been sharing my thoughts online for years via venues such as live journal before it became hack & drama central

Facebook before it became the place to post cat pics and political bumper stickers.

The older I get the more in depth and complex my thoughts are becoming about the issues of the day so this is where I am going to try and work out those thoughts.

Some will be personal, some political, some simply about the world around me and my reaction to it. I might even occasionally throw in a short story or other creative nonsense.

This will be a learning experience for me to see what works in today’s world of blogging.

If you like what I have to say..feel free to chime in and start a conversation. If you don’t like what I say, you are welcome to try and change my mind on an issue as I value debate, but leave the attacks at the door and have the balls to use your real name.

Some things to know about me:

Currently forty three and divorced with a twelve year old son I adore, he lives with his dad during the week and me most weekends. It works for us, for right now.

I am trained as a stage manager but have been out of work for awhile so am looking into entrepreneurial options as I have a severe aversion to joining the corporate world.

No, I don’t receive a drop of money from the government. I subsist on my tiny child support payments …part of what I will be writing about is what life is truly like when you live far below the poverty level and the ways people treat you when poor, both bad & good.

I adore politics and the discussions and debates about the state of our country today, how we got here and where I think we are going as a nation. I read and watch a lot of news and happily share my streams of thought on twitter @PersephoneC but will be using this blog to flesh out some thoughts in more depth. But I also think a lot about spirituality and how to be spiritual without being religious, pop culture, books, writing and my view of the world.

This blog, like the rest of my social media outlets serves as my voice in the world. All views are my own unless stated otherwise.

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